Yorktown Youth Soccer Club
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   LABOR DAY TOURNAMENT ~ Sponsor Advertisement


          Team Name/Sold by: ______________________                   

          Advertiser’s Name:________________________

          Advertiser’s Phone: _______________________                   

          Advertiser’s Email:________________________





Dear Sponsor:


The Yorktown Youth Soccer Club will be hosting our Annual 2017 Labor Day Soccer Tournament.

   We are asking you to support the YYSC Travel Teams by advertising with our club.

   Please choose one or more of the choices below:


 This year we will be offering the following:                                                               Please Circle:



  Choice 1 Virtual Business Card Journal                                                                           $100   

Your business card in a “Virtual Directory” located on our website

             Choice 2 Stake in the Ground    and Virtual Business Card                                    $200                                       

   Your business name, address and phone number will be placed on a 18” x 24” custom sign.

    Deadline 8/15/17

Choice 3Banner on the Fence                                                                                               $250

Your business banner will be placed on the fence. Banner is to be supplied by the sponsor  



Choice 4 Email Blast                                                                                             

   Sponsor information will be sent to all YYSC families for the amount of time purchased   

   Please circle one:

      $350/3 months                                          $600/6 months                       $1000/12 months

   Choice 5 – Website Advertising

                                                                            $500/6 months                      $750/12months                           

   Choice 6- Uniform Advertising:   

    Your Logo will be placed on a club uniform       one team -Inhouse                           $250

                                                                                      Entire Inhouse Division                $750

                                                                                      Entire Bantam Division                $2500     

                                                                                      Travel Uniform Sponsor            $5000                           


Donation:  (please circle one)                              $50      $75       $100     $250      $500

mail to:


1928 Commerce Street

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Phone (914) 214-8118 Email YYSC@VERIZON.NET

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